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HAX: We Will Transform Education. Will You Join Us?

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This is a talk that we supposed to be delivered at OpenEd 18 but because I can't read program schedules, I had to modify to be a round table (it went well so no biggy). However, this is a unique talk because I combined what we've been explaining with HAX to more technical audiences into the context of education. Why we're doing what we're doing, how it works, and why this is needed if we are ever to transform education from what it is today into what it must be to better serve society.

This sums up years of work, rants, and demos into one piece of work that you need to take to every member of education you can and challenge them: Why don't we have something like this? We are actively looking for people to get involved in HAX at all levels and this is "the talk" to explain the case to your university IT, CIO, learning designer, instructor, whoever, as to why they need to get resources behind this important initiative.

This has broad sweeping implications for education and the web as a whole because of the standards we are leveraging and the way we are bringing this technology to the public. Everything you will see is open source, built on standards agreed upon by browser vendors, and is the future of authoring on the web. How will you get involved in transforming education? Here's our answer.

Hello. My name is Bryan Ollendyke (@btopro), and I'm here to transform education. I am developer activist. We will transform education. Will you join us?

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