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Learning & Teaching Forum - Thematic Peer Group 1

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This video gathers students’ testimonies on their experience of research-based learning. It was produced in the framework of EUA’s Learning and Teaching Initiative – Thematic Peer Group 1.
The Thematic Peer Group 1 discussed how to improve the link between research and teaching at European universities. Some findings will be discussed at the 1st European Learning and Teaching Forum, organised by EUA on 28-29 September 2017, in collaboration with the French University Presidents’ Conference (CPU) and hosted by the University Pierre and Marie Curie, in Paris.

Eight universities participated to the Group: Humboldt University of Berlin (Germany) – University Pierre and Marie Curie (France) – University College Cork (Ireland) – Sapienza University of Rome (Italy) – Silesian University of Technology (Poland) – University Pompeu Fabra (Spain) – University of Borås (Sweden) – University of Sheffield (UK).

@ Max Peers and Reka Gal.

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