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This trick is fascinating! Check out this tutorial for advice on how to balance heavy objects like two forks on a single toothpick. This video will show you how to take two forks, two toothpicks, a wine bottle and a cork and make it all balance!

Balancing eating utensils on the rim of a glass is a trick that requires moving gravity a little bit.

A balanced diet is always a good idea to help you stay healthy. Here’s an activity that’ll be a hit at home or at your favorite sit-down restaurant. (Our guess is you’ll either get a free dessert or you’ll be asked to leave.) Find a way to balance a fork and a spoon on the edge of a glass using only a toothpick. Yes, it’s a balancing act with a most interesting, gravity-changing solution!


1. Start by pushing the two center tines on the fork upward a little. (This is probably not the best thing to do with heavy or expensive utensils; cheaper is probably better.)

2. Push the fork and spoon together so the bowl of the spoon is under the two center tines, but over the outer two tines of the fork. It’s useful if the fork and the spoon weigh about the same.

3. This step may take some practice. Balance the utensils on a fingertip to find the middle point. This is where the toothpick should be inserted between the utensils. Work the toothpick into the tines of the fork.

Carefully set the toothpick on the rim of the glass. Slowly slide it in or out across the rim until you’ve found the best balance point. Both handles will be curving downward below the rim of the glass and the toothpick will be almost horizontal.

4. Once you’ve mastered the balance, you’re ready to show off a little. Strike a match (that’s a job for an adult) and burn the end of the toothpick hanging over the inside of the glass. To everyone’s amazement, the toothpick will burn down to the very edge of the glass but the utensils will not fall.

When that flame stops, light the end on the outside of the glass and watch it burn. It stops at the utensils but they remain balanced. What a show!


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5:21 Cork, Fork and Two Smoking Toothpicks

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